White Horse Beach- Plymouth MA

White Horse Beach- Plymouth MA

My Journey

I live in Plymouth MA with my husband and two sons.  I grew up on Cape Cod so the ocean and sand are in my soul.  My oldest son has special needs and gifted me with the  insight to trust the process of growth and always lead with love.   My youngest is my hero and has taught me that empathy and compassion can be fostered at a very young age, and has benefits beyond my understanding.

 I have my masters degree in social work from Boston College and am a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker (LICSW).  For the past 12 years I have worked as a school counselor at a school for students with social, emotional, and behavioral difficulties.  This has been one of the most challenging and rewarding parts of my journey.  

After witnessing the challenges of my students I couldn't help but want to help them in the present but also their future.  I wanted to instill skills that they can carry with them for the rest of their lives.  I enrolled in Mindful Schools Year Long Certificate Program and am now officially a Certified Mindfulness Instructor!! I love bringing mindfulness to my students and have learned that everyone can benefit from this gift.  I so thrilled to be continuing my journey and sharing what I have learned with others.  

With Peace and Gratitude

Heather Nevulis, Founder


"If you want others to be happy, practice compassion.If you want to be happy, practice compassion." - The Dalai Lama