“In the midst of movement and chaos, keep stillness inside of you.” ~ Deepak Chopra

This quote certainly caught my eye this week.  So many people I talk to are in the thick of it, wrapping up Hanukkah celebrations or preparing for Christmas, it all goes the same,  “I’m exhausted”.  “I can’t do it all”, “I need a break”.  I too went too many years falling into the trap of ‘getting through’ the holidays, rather than ‘experiencing’ the holidays.  Many years ago, I made the decision to start small, bring awareness to my senses.  I started looking around at the beautiful lights, breathing in the chilly outside air, sending love to my fellow shoppers who are just trying to show their appreciation for their loved ones with the perfect gift.  Of course, taking in the smells of baking or a well-cooked meal and, my personal favorite, closing my eyes and listening to the laughter and love of my family and friends being together. 

 I encourage you to find your inner stillness this holiday season though experiencing all your senses.  Greet each opportunity with an open heart and gratitude.  You will never experience this moment again, it deserves to be cherished.


With gratitude,