Life is Messy


Life does not have to be perfect to be wonderful- Insight Timer

I use the insight timer app to meditate and really enjoy the quotes they post on Instagram.  I thought this one was perfect for a chilly mid-December post.  I hear over and over from friends, family, my students, my colleagues about the pressures to make it all come together, to have a memorable holiday or vacation, for it to be “perfect”.  We all get the joke right?  There is no “perfect”!  It’s just we humans doing the best we can with the skills we have.  So why do we pressure ourselves so much?  Are we all so impressionable that we are influenced by the holiday movies (that always have a happy ending), the shows, and the songs?  I say yes, yes, and yes! The key is knowing that “perfect” is not real.  Real is messy and loud, real is falling and getting up, real is making mistakes and saying sorry.   


Take some moments over the next week to reflect on your expectations of the holidays.  Are they realistic or are you reaching for the impossible?  Check in with your body to see where you hold expectation, anticipation, disappointment, and of course, joy.  Once you know where and how you feel it, you will be much more in tune with where you are at emotionally, so you can enter the holidays with clarity. 


Have a great holiday season! 


With Gratitude,