Getting Started

As I further develop my vision of sharing my passion for connecting my community in a compassionate and meaningful manner I decided to start a blog!  I envision this blog as having some insights that I have gained along my journey, as well as resources for everyday mindfulness integration. 

As I bring more awareness to my life I am finding that gifts flow into my life with more ease, and when they do I am profoundly grateful.  Like everyone I can become overwhelmed and consumed with the daily grind, the financial pressures, balancing family, friends, and obligations, maintaining relationships and being present in my interactions with those around me.  And, usually, last on the list is me!  

I have worked over the past few years to schedule in those activities that nurture my soul.  I meditate daily, but also exercise at least five times a week (sometimes that is to give my dog a much-needed walk), I listen to great music, laugh and share with friends, and try to connect with my big crazy family as much as possible (did I tell you I am one of eight siblings??).  

I challenge you to pick one thing that nurtures your soul and give it the attention it deserves for two weeks.