Educator Classes

What We Know:

Teaching and guiding young people requires a tremendous amount of energy, compassion, patience, and love.  Giving of yourself in this manner can lead to feeling depleted, emotionally and physically and a decreased sense of vision for your self and students.

There is something you can do!

Preliminary studies indicate teachers who practice mindfulness have a lover level of stress and burnout, are more efficient in their jobs, and have more emotionally supportive and organized classrooms.  Some skills you will learn include:

  • mindful sitting and walking

  • how to bring kindness to yourself and others

  • How to challenge your habitual stories

  • mindfulness of the body, thoughts, feelings

Parent Classes

Raising our children is the most important role we will ever have.  Our children will help shape the future, and will help determine if future generations embrace compassion and generosity.  Although we hold the importance of this challenge in our hearts, our response to the process are not always ideal.  

You can become a more mindful and present parent!

University of Vermont and George Mason University conducted two studies that suggest that encouraging more mindful, responsive parenting—and less harsh punishments or yelling—may indirectly help kids to avoid some of the risks of adolescence, such as depression, anxiety, acting out, and drug use.     (2017 The Greater Good Science Center at the University of California, Berkeley).   Some skills you will learn include:  

  • mindfulness formal and informal practice

  • how to bring kindness to yourself and others

  • habits you inherited and how to bring awareness to auto pilot parenting

  • how to stay connected to your child even when it feels impossible!

  • mindfulness of the body, thoughts, feelings

Mindfulness for Young People

Young people are under a tremendous amount of stress, both internally and externally. They are reporting the pressures of schoolwork, family life, social life, sports or other activities, combined with a relentless media culture, result in young people being more stressed than ever before.  There is encouragement to fill their time with activities that will enhance their "resume" to achieve a future goal.  What can get lost in the process is the present moment. 

You can take these lessons with you forever!

The American Psychological Association Stress in America survey found that 30 percent of teens reported feeling sad or depressed because of stress and 31 percent felt overwhelmed. Another 35 percent of teens reported that stress caused them to lie awake at night and 26 percent said that they are overeating or eating unhealthy foods in the past month.   Some skills you will learn include:  

  • slowing down the mind to allow for space to be you

  • how to bring kindness to yourself and others

  • different types of mindfulness meditation, formal and informal practices

  • mindfulness of the body, thoughts, feelings

Individual Mindfulness     


                                                                                             Offering Private sessions for individuals and families of all ages.



                                                                                       Meetup group in Plymouth. 

                                                                                       Saturdays 8:45am: Mindful Meditation at Nelson Park- 235 Water Street Plymouth MA

                                                                          Wednesdays at 7:00: On Hold




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